1/2 Hr 1 Hr   1-1/2 Hr
Customized Massage                                    $ 50.00        $ 85.00    ​       $110.00
(Swedish, NMT, Deep Tissue)

Hot Stone Therapy Massage                           $ 60.00    ​ $ 95.00            $120.00

Salt Lick Full Body Scrub Finished w/
   Hydrating Body Butter $ 80.00
   W/Customized Massage                               $ 105.00    $130.00          $175.00

Salt Lick Torso Scrub Finished w/
  Hydrating Body Butter          $ 40.00
  W/Customized Massage                                $ 70.00    $ 105.00​            $135.00

Salt Lick Full Body Scrub & Mud 
  Treatment of Choice and Finished w/
  Hydrating Body Butter           $ 95.00
  W/Customized Massage$135.00$175.00    $190.00

Salt Lick Torso Scrub & Mud Treatment
  of Choice and Finished w/
  Hydrating Body Buter    $ 70.00
  W/Customized Massage                                $ 100.00    $135.00    ​       $155.00

Far-Infrared Sauna Session added to any service is an additional $15.00.
Far Infrared Sauna stand alone session including one hour of use:  $ 25.00

Looking for a place to prepare for your special day?
Let us help you relax and smooth out the rough edges before your special day....Wedding, Vacation, or simply reward yourself for a met goal.  . 

(P.S. You can't ride cows here, but we'll let you  look at some...)

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.....imagine smoothing, soothing, muscle deep warmth and you might just begin to understand what our Hot Stone Therapy Massage is all about.  Hand picked from the Pacific Northwest Coast, these basalt stones will become your best friend.

Is it your first time to visit? Try our popular ROUTE 66 SPECIAL. Torso Scrub, Mud & 30 Minute Massage. 
Just $66.00