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Conveniently located on Historic Route 66 in White Oak, Oklahoma, COWGIRLZ SPA is designed to be a low-key, fun, relaxing, and professional mini-spa to serve the needs of country girl and city girl alike.  

Our intention is to give you a place to let down your pony tail and take as much time as you need to relax those tired muscles and overworked noggins.  This is not your large, posh, city spa.  We provide an intimate setting in a country environment.  Our intention is to offer truly top rate massage, scrubs and muds to a community of men and women who might not otherwise take the time to drive to the big city or are intimidated by the city environment.  

Body work is enhanced and deepened on both a physical and emotional level when clients see the same therapist on an ongoing basis.  Over time, both the emotional and physical patterns that emerge during a session, can gently resolve themselves.  We like to say, "The zipper is on the inside."  You, the client, are doing most of the work, while a good practitioner will meet you there and guide you through the process.   Whether that means you need a soothing, nurturing Swedish massage, a deep tissue release massage, or you just want to shut your mind off for a bit, it would be our privilege to serve you.  

"After over 25 years of practicing massage I still love what I do.  Holding a clear, present space for each individual to do their work on the table is my main goal.  
- Wendy Sullivan
            (Licensed Massage Therapist)
Come visit us and bask in our cozy, rejuvenating far-infrared sauna...
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Before or after your massage, there's nothing better than relaxing in a state of the art Infrared Sauna. Experience warmth like never before.  For more information on  the technology and benefits of this sauna, visit www.Sunlighten.com.
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